Indian Army team crashes out of global tank race in Russian Federation

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Indian Army team crashes out of international tank race in Russia

In a setback to the Indian Army's tank fleet, the team which was competing in the global tank competition in Russian Federation has crashed out of race after the T-90 tanks broke down due to a technical snag.

The Indian squad, as a result of the breakdown, wasn't able to compete in the competition. The only other tanks which had made it to the final rounds were from Russia, Kazakhstan, China and Belarus.

A total of 19 teams participated in the exercises with the top four entering the final.

This comes as a sad news for India as the country has topped the chart in their previous round.

The closing ceremony of the International Army Games 2017 saw a fireworks display on Saturday in Alabino, Moscow Region. This year 28 countries took part in the competition, nine of them for the first time: Israel, Syria, Bangladesh, Laos, Morocco, Thailand, Uzbekistan, Uganda and South Africa.

The competition is an worldwide event conducted as part of the global Army Games held every year since 2013 at Alabino Ranges in Russia with other events in this 28 round meet is held in Russia, Belarus, Azerbaijan, Kazakhstan and China. While Russia and Kazakhstan are participating in the competition with their T-72B3 tanks, Belarus is showcasing its T-72 all while China is riding its indigenous Type 96B.

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