Mama C's Donuts deep cleans restaurant after reported Norvirus link

Mama C's Donuts deep cleans restaurant after reported Norvirus link

Mama C's Donuts deep cleans restaurant after reported Norvirus link

A spokesman for the Wood County Health District, said officials think a dozen norovirus cases there are connected to Mama C's products provided to businesses in Wood County.

With the number of victims nearing 250, public health officials in the Toledo area say they expect more illnesses to be reported in a norovirus outbreak linked to a suburban doughnut shop.

The virus causes inflammation in the stomach and intestines, leading to stomach pain, nausea and diarrhea.

According to Greg Moore, program coordinator with the county health department, "specimens" were sent to the Ohio Department of Health for norovirus testing and three came back positive for the virus.

Specifically, authorities believe people who ate at the shop between Friday and Monday were infected. She said, "We feel sorry about it".

The store has eben shut down since Tuesday as workers clean it up, and it could be a while before it reopens. By the time the Health Commissioner met the reporters, the count was "closer to 24", according to reports. An affected person could still spread the virus even two weeks after the symptoms go away.

The restaurant voluntarily closed for cleaning on August 8.

The couple, who have owned the beloved local business for 14 years, told the station that their customers are "apart of their family".

Norovirus is accompanied by typical stomach flu symptoms, usually lasting one or two days.

'People are pretty quick to shame them, but it can happen anywhere, ' she told WTOL. "We are definitely going to give them a second chance", said Walkup. While most people recover after just a few days of illness, it can be fatal for the very young or very old, or those with compromised immune systems.

For those who are sick, Mr. Zgodzisnki offered several tips to try to avoid spreading it to others: Frequent hand washing, especially after using the bathroom, and preparing or eating food; using a separate bathroom from others in the residence; cleaning surfaces frequently with disinfectant wipes; laundering soiled linens in hot water; and staying home if sick.

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