Regional Leaders Denounce Trump's Military Threat to Venezuela

Venezuela calls Trump's warning 'crazy act'

Venezuelan President's son threatens to seize White House with rifles

Foreign Ministry Spokesman Bahram Qasemi on Sunday condemned the US President Donald Trump provocative and meddling remarks on Venezuela's internal politics, IRNA reported.

President Donald Trump's statement last week that the USA has "many options for Venezuela, including a possible military option, if necessary" was meant to strike fear into Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, but instead more likely boosted the dictator's fortunes, Antonio Mora wrote in an opinion piece in The Hill.

Arreaza called Trump the "boss of the empire" and said his comments fit a pattern of aggression against Venezuelan sovereignty and violate worldwide law and the United Nations charter.

"We want to express gratitude for all the expressions of solidarity and rejection of the use of force from governments around the world, including Latin America", she said in a short speech.

Mora, who is a Venezuelan-affairs analyst and former news anchor for "Good Morning America", said that although more than 80 percent of Venezuelans oppose the Maduro dictatorship, most also object to American troops violating the country's sovereignty due to long-held resentments towards the USA for meddling in the region.

Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza said on Saturday Venezuela rejected "hostile" threats and called on Latin America to unite against Washington. "We have many options for Venezuela, including a possible military option if necessary".

The Trump administration has slapped sanctions on Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro after a July 30 vote that allowed the President to replace the opposition-held National Assembly with a new 545-member Constituent Assembly filled with his supporters.

"All foreign or domestic threats to resort to force undermine the goal of reinstating democratic governance in Venezuela, as well as the principles enshrined in the United Nations charter", said Peru's Foreign Minister Ricardo Luna.

Mexico and Colombia joined in with statements of their own.

Latin American support for Venezuela against the U.S. threat comes on the eve of Vice President Mike Pence's trip to the region beginning Sunday. More than 120 people have died in anti-government protests since April. He was set to visit Colombia, Argentina, Chile and Panama. "Will president Trump be the president a year from now in the US?'" Patricio Navia, a political analyst, said.

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