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Photo appears to show Trump playing golf amid escalating tensions with North Korea

Over the last week, President Donald Trump has vacillated about how to handle the opioid epidemic that has wracked much of the US, including Pennsylvania.

The recommendation that the president declare a state of emergency was one of several others made in a draft report of the president's Commission on Combating Drug Addiction and the Opioid Crisis, chaired by New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie. Trump had not used those words in a conference call with advisers beforehand when discussing the matter. Steven C. Anderson, CEO the National Association of Chain Drug Stores, endorsed it this past week in a letter to Clark and Mullin. Let's get to it!

"We need all the right people in the room to make sure we can make a decision in time to move people out of harm's way, shelter them and everything else", he says.

This is, obviously, horrible.

Since declaring an emergency, Maryland has tightened practices for those prescribing opioids and received a waiver to allow Medicaid to pay for residential drug treatment.

And here we are, six months into Trump's presidency, potentially on the brink of a nuclear war because Trump just can't STFU. But because abortions can be time-consuming and expensive (certainly more so than an STI screening, for example), abortions account for more than 3 percent of the hours Planned Parenthood employees spend and more than 3 percent of the non-federal funding Planned Parenthood receives. New United Nations sanctions condemning the North's rapidly developing nuclear program drew fresh ire and threats from Pyongyang.

To understand why, it's important to understand the full scale of the opioid epidemic.

An emergency declaration could spur Trump's administration and Congress to take this issue more seriously. The fact that he was also giving them his usual thumbs up definitely did not go down well with the critics.

The presidential commission urged Mr. Trump to formally recognize the opioid scourge as a national emergency, which would both speed some additional funds to wage the multipronged war and underscore the urgency in addressing this continuing problem.

Workers also are fixing leaks, repairing the South Portico steps, renovating the Navy mess kitchen and West Wing lower lobby and updating the IT system.

President Donald Trump and North Korean dictator Kim Jong-un showed no public signs of backing away Friday from a potential war on the peninsula, but Trump acknowledged that diplomatic "backchannels" were at work to defuse the crisis.

The addiction and opioid commission was established March 29.

By Friday afternoon, Trump appeared with Secretary of State Rex Tillerson and United Nations Ambassador Nikki Haley by his side to bolster his "locked and loaded" tweet about North Korea.

But, Caraway said she hopes the president's declaration will open up more doors for resources in Ohio. A report from Ohio's Department of Medicaid claims their number is 50 percent higher than what researchers in the study found. Will Humble with Arizona's Public Health Association says with that declaration, the state began gathering badly needed data.

But what many Americans deemed good for their country was actually different from what he conceived, and so they voted Trump in. In Minnesota, the program pays for nearly 32 percent of addiction treatment medication.

Donnelly introduced legislation recently to make treatment more easily available to people who are addicted.

ALTON TAYLOR: Today, as I'm talking to you, we have over 200 people on our waiting lists.

Trump has alternately praised and chided China for the efforts to contain its rogue neighbor.

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