Fox Tries To Debate Confederate Statues, Guests Tearfully Lament Trump

Screengrab via Honey Bunches  YouTube

Screengrab via Honey Bunches YouTube

On CNN, Jake Tapper slammed Trump for suggesting a "moral equivalence" between white supremacists and those protesting against them. "And yeah, it shouldn't be a bold statement to say that yes, a gathering full of white supremacist Nazis doesn't have good people in it".

The co-host addressed Trump on Monday in her "Eboni's Docket" segment, which she writes herself, berating him for failing to specify white nationalist groups in his condemnation of the violence that occurred at Charlottesville, Va., over the weekend. "And we as a nation, as a country, have to do better". This is not talking points. When she asked him about the debate over Confederate statues, arguing that "there are good people on both sides of this debate", he largely ignored her.

"It's honestly insane for me to have to comment on this right now because I am still in the phase where I am wondering if it was actually real life", said Fox News host Kat Timpf.

Osefo said that as a black woman, she feels the ongoing issues surrounding the rise of neo-Nazis and Trump's tacit endorsement of those individuals during his press conference on Tuesday went far beyond politics and into "raw emotion". "So whether President Trump approves of it actually, or actually wants it, I think is irrelevant because what we know is that these people think they are acting on behalf of the President of the United States". They weren't all Nazis and they weren't all white supremacists.

Gianno Caldwell wiped tears away as he spoke to Fox News, a network which has historically backed Mr Trump's administration, after the president said blame for the racially-charged incidents in Virginia should be shared by both sides of the political spectrum. "They weren't all Nazis and they weren't all white supremacists". "And for anyone to come on any network and defend what President Trump did and said at that press conference yesterday is completely lost and [has] the potential to be morally bankrupt". As someone who's been talking about these issues for a very long time, I'm sorry that this is where we are right now, and I hope the president learns a lesson from his press conference on yesterday. The very moral fabric in which we've made progress when it comes to race relations in America.

She continued and called the president's press conference "one of the biggest messes that I've ever seen", and added that she couldn't "believe it happened". Osefo nodded in agreement with the Republican analyst remarks. Where do you fall specifically on that debate?

U.S. President Donald Trump just pulled off a trifecta.

She noted that Duke took to Twitter on Tuesday to thank Trump for his "honesty and courage" to call out left-wing "terrorists" during the Q&A.

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