Donald Trump stares directly into the sun as aide yells "Don't look!"

Gotta say I did the same thing

Gotta say I did the same thing. Chip Somodevilla GETTY

Trump briefly stole a glance at the sun sans-protective glasses, something many people, including scientists and former eclipse-watchers who've experienced blindness, cautioned against.

President Donald Trump points to the sun as he viewed the solar eclipse.

And aside from remembering not to cauterize your smart phone camera's sensors, one of the most important (and obvious) pleas made by experts is to not look directly into the solar eclipse with your naked, unprotected eyeballs.

According to a White House Pool report: "At approximately 2:39, the President initially gesticulated to the crowd below and pointed at the sky".

Together with Melania and Barron, the first family stood out on the Blue Room Balcony of the White House to observe the astrological event.

Sky-watchers everywhere - and millions are peering into the sun as the first total solar eclipse to sweep coast-to-coast across the U.S. in practically a century occurs. Moments later, as the peak of the eclipse approached, Trump put on glasses. Compared to the 14 states that will see a total eclipse, Washington will experience a partial eclipse.

The moon covered 81.1 percent of the sun in the D.C. area, meaning it didn't go completely completely dark like it did in some cities such as Nashville. Monday's was the first total solar eclipse to pass over the majority of the continental US since 1918.

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