Lonzo Ball Thanks Jay-Z for Buying His ZO2 Sneakers

Lonzo Ball Thanks Jay-Z for Buying His ZO2 Sneakers

Lonzo Ball Thanks Jay-Z for Buying His ZO2 Sneakers

On Monday afternoon, TMZ caught up with Lavar's son & Lakers guard, Lonzo Ball, and was asked about his thoughts on Jay-Z's support.

Perhaps that's because this year's National Basketball Association rookie class didn't vote for Tatum in the "most athletic", "best shooter", or "best defender" categories.

Yet, NBA rookies tabbed Dallas Mavericks point guard Dennis Smith Jr.as the favorite to win the Rookie of the Year Award this season.

And to no one's surprise, the rookies are impressed with Smith's hops.

His world-class passing - which led the NCAA in assists a year ago and broke the Summer League assists record - also led them to naming him the class' "best playmaker" with a whopping 71.8 percent margin.

A survey was recently conducted by NBA.com asking 39 rookies a variety of questions. Only Stephen Curry drew higher (79.4) in 2009's "best shooter" category, and it's obvious how that prognosis turned out.

As an aside: It's a little weird that so few rookies voted for Fultz (the No. 1 pick), both for "best career" and for "rookie of the year". He knows where to be, he knows where his teammates need to be, and he knows what's going on at all times. He displays the type of vision you can't teach and a level of creativity only confident players can show.

The 27th pick tied for fourth in "Rookie of the Year" voting (5.7), making him the only non-lottery pick among the top five. Others receiving votes in the top 10 were Kyle Kuzma (Lakers), Donovan Mitchell (Jazz), and Ben Simmons (Sixers).

While Rookie of the Year guesses can have a ton to do with who each young star is playing with-Fultz will be sharing the ball with fellow rookie Ben Simmons-predicting which player will have the best overall career is pretty straight forward.

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