Nintendo Switch-Exclusive No More Heroes Game Revealed


The one Skyrim port that’s justified

Numerous games that appeared in the previous showcase have since launched on the Switch, but the ones that haven't might make an encore appearance during the stream today. The game was teased earlier this year at Nintendo's Switch Presentation by none other than Suda 51 himself. But as the men start to fight, both are sucked in by a phantom game console called the DeathDrive Mark 2.

Super Meat Boy Forever, an entirely new game featuring the high protein hero, is coming to the Nintendo Switch, but there is still a bit of a wait until it launches on the fledgling console. To escape, they must defeat the console's six different games alongside their respective bosses. One of the biggest surprises, however, was a new No More Heroes game by famed designer Suda51 and his studio, Grasshopper Manufacture. Levels also get progressively harder each time you go back and try to complete them, showing a dedicated level of just straight meanness from Team Meat!

If you want to watch the reveal trailer for No More Heroes: Travis Strikes Back, you can find it below.

No More Heroes first appeared on the Nintendo Wii in 2008, before heading to the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 as No More Heroes: Heroes' Paradise.

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