Qantas to resume A380 dailies to London via Singapore

Emirates Tim Clark and Alan Joyce briefly tending the bar on an EK A380

Emirates Tim Clark and Alan Joyce briefly tending the bar on an EK A380

Unbearably hot for half of the year and even more unwalkable, for the most part, than Los Angeles, Australians have tended to opt to go all the way on to the continent rather than breaking their journey in Dubai.

Its daily Melbourne-Singapore flight will be upgraded from an Airbus A330 to an A380 as Qantas pivots towards Asia and essentially leaves European routes to Emirates.

Now our de facto national carrier has announced that it will reroute its daily, and prestigious, Sydney to London A380 service to fly via Singapore instead of Dubai, from March next year.

The key change to the partnership will see Qantas's daily A380 service to London re-routed via Singapore.

At a meeting in Sydney to finalise the extension, both airlines said the changes to the joint network were created to reinforce the success of the past five years alliance over the next five years. As previously announced, Qantas' existing Melbourne-Dubai-London service will be replaced with its Dreamliner service flying Melbourne-Perth-London.

Despite the changes, Qantas has ensured that it will still be offering 77 weekly services to Dubai, from Adelaide, Brisbane, Melbourne, Sydney and Perth.

The adjustments will also deliver financial upside to both airlines, with Qantas annualised net benefit estimated at more than A$80 million from fiscal 2019 onwards, the airline said.

Qantas does not disclose the commercial arrangement of its partnership with Emirates, which analysts have said was not as successful as originally anticipated five years ago. Emirates has given Qantas customers an unbeatable network into Europe that is still growing.

"Improvements in aircraft technology mean the Qantas network will eventually feature a handful of direct routes between Australia and Europe, but this will never overtake the sheer number of destinations served by Emirates and that's why Dubai will remain an important hub for our customers".

The Qantas announcement couldn't come at a better time for Singapore's much loved Changi Airport which is spending $S1.7 billion ($A1.6 billion) on The Jewel, an architecturally-striking (Dubai-like?) leisure, shopping and dining complex under construction in the air space between the main terminals. Together with its announced plans to drop its Melbourne-Dubai-London services from next March, Qantas' aircraft will no longer fly into the hub of its partner. The standalone QF81/QF82 Sydney - Singapore will continue to use A330 aircraft.

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