Scotland plans deposit return scheme for drink containers

Nicola Sturgeon said that she was keen to get rid of the cap and would work with trade unions to find a way to drop

Nicola Sturgeon said that she was keen to get rid of the cap and would work with trade unions to find a way to drop itANDREW MILLIGAN REUTERS

The Scottish Government will lift the 1% cap on public sector pay, the First Minister has confirmed.

'It's worth remembering that the United Kingdom government has said it will ban the sale of new petrol and diesel vehicles by 2040, whereas the Scottish government appears to be setting itself a target only - albeit an ambitious and commendable one'.

Long-term, Ashmore believes services like the NHS and teaching are "going to suffer as experienced people leave".

"And while they say they will lift the public sector pay cap it - let us be clear - it can not be done on the back of cutting even more from public services".

While its plans stand alone from its neighbour's, Scotland's greener future is directly linked to the successes and failures of the United Kingdom government.

"That is inevitable - indeed it is necessary".

You might have thought that discussion should have begun a decade ago, when the supposedly social democratic SNP first entered government (albeit with fewer fiscal powers than it has now), but that was pre-financial crash and pre-Jeremy Corbyn.

The Scottish Conservatives said the SNP were "still playing catch-up" on last year's programme, with less than a quarter of the bills proposed in 2016 passed. But now, Brexit or no Brexit, what matters most, Ms Sturgeon says, ... "We will work with the government where we can, we will hold them to account and we will bring forward the ideas to tackle the big challenges for Scotland".

The move follows comments made during the election campaign, when Sturgeon raised the possibility of increasing the top rate of tax, introducing a 50p rate for those earning more than £150,000.

In essence, the first minister was saying she might be bold and radical in the future, but then again, she might not. The organisation had been pressing for the government to undertake exploratory modelling work on any the scheme which it had committed to earlier in the year. "Climate change innovation is at the heart of her personal agenda", said one source.

As under the plans south of the boarder, Scotland would allow the sale of petrol and diesel hybrids, however.

Earlier Bloomberg reported that Britain has forbidden to sell cars on petrol and diesel from 2040.

Scotland has been slow to phase in electric vehicles.

Low Emission Zones will also be created in Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen and Dundee by 2020, which could result in drivers of polluting vehicles being fined in certain central areas.

IMPROVING the health of the nation with a clampdown on booze and fast food advertising will form the centrepiece of the Scottish Government's new legislative programme.

SNP strategists are pitching the range of initiatives to tackle Scotland's health problems as "in the same ball park" as the controversial bid to introduce a minimum price for alcohol. "Setting a date of 2032 puts Scotland among the most ambitious countries in the world on vehicle electrification, and the announcement of an A9 electric superhighway also sends a very important signal on the future of motorised transport in Scotland".

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