Help me to move past insane persona, O'Connor asks Dr Phil

Help me to move past insane persona, O'Connor asks Dr Phil

Help me to move past insane persona, O'Connor asks Dr Phil

Sinead O'Connor will reportedly appear on Dr Phil next week to discuss her struggles with mental health issues.

When asked what she loved about her mother, O'Connor responded, "What I love about my mother is that she's dead".

In the episode, set to air September 12, O'Connor tells host Phil McGraw, "I am fed up of being defined as, you know, the insane person, the child abuse survivor".

She also discusses her mother - who died in a vehicle crash when Sinead was 19 - and claims she was abusive. "Sinead O'Connor is gone", she says.

"For you to have the courage to candidly and openly talk about this gives others the courage to come forward and seek the help they need", Dr. Phil tells her.

In a particularly upsetting moment in the trailer, Dr Phil says that Sinead tried to kill herself eight times in just one year.

While Dr. Phil may have been a little surprised to receive the call from the Irish singer-songwriter, he claimed to be very pleased as he is a "great fan" of hers.

"I'm not staying alive for me". "If it was me, I'd be gone, straight away back to my mom".

McGraw told Jimmy Kimmel this week on Kimmel's late-night show that O'Connor reached out to the "Dr. Phil" show for help.

"You've seen her video she's posted on Facebook and all, from motel rooms in New Jersey", he said on Jimmy Kimmel Live!

O'Connor's interview will air a little more than a year after she said she was suicidal in a Facebook video.

Following her Facebook video, The revealed Sinead is in a hospital in New Jersey and a pal also revealed on her Facebook page she is "surrounded by love and receiving the best of care". "I'm willing to sit down and talk" - and so we did".

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