Bill O'Reilly: Trump 'Perhaps' Doesn't Know Enough History To Discuss Nazis

Richard Drew  AP

Richard Drew AP

"You see what I mean?" "If you want me to do something, I'm absolutely willing to listen, but I've got to feel that the odds of success are high". "She worked her way up from being a reporter, and now she's making good money, and she's in a good position". So what has she done wrong? You don't like her haircut?

Bill O'Reilly came to the defense of former Fox News colleague Megyn Kelly in the course of an extended interview posted online early Wednesday. She was very successful on The Factor. Kelly, a Syracuse native and Syracuse University alumna, will begin her new daily morning show "Megyn Kelly Today" as part of the "Today" show at 9 a.m. on September 25. "Is that it? I don't get it". "What is the hysteria about this?"

Speaking about politics, O'Reilly said President Donald Trump's mistake in his remarks about the Charlottesville violence "was that you can never under any circumstances equate Nazis with anyone else". For example, O'Reilly's famed "Talking Points Memo" segment had to be within three minutes at Fox News.

"He acts and he speaks emotionally, OK?" "The business got really nasty", he said. He was thinking, 'I saw on television bad people, Nazis, neo-Nazis, but I also saw antifa people bring weapons to the park and look for trouble.' He saw it, so he said it without stepping back and saying, 'You know what? I got to put perspective in play here.

In an interview with CNN a year ago, O'Reilly said Kelly was making Fox News "look bad" after she addressed reports about alleged harassment at the network by their former boss, the late Roger Ailes. He spent more than 20 years on the air with Fox News.

O'Reilly is expected to return to TV, where he was the most-watched cable news personality for much of the past decade, but rumors are flying about where.

In fact, O'Reilly said he doesn't miss TV. Sinclair Broadcast Group, which owns CNY Central in Syracuse, is rumored to be building a conservative empire to compete with Fox News.

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