Leonardo DiCaprio Wants To Play Stan Lee In Biopic

Leonardo DiCaprio Wants To Play Stan Lee In Biopic

Leonardo DiCaprio Wants To Play Stan Lee In Biopic

The X-Men, one of the most popular teams in comic book history, nearly went by a different name, according to Stan Lee. Unusual (one of Bolan's favourite characters) and Dormammu, The Silver Surfer and his origin by Stan and Jack Kirby, THE TITANS Marvel UK comic book, and Angela Bowie as The Black Widow for a proposed TV series.

Lee teamed up with legendary comic artist Jack Kirby on the X-Men, which debuted with The X-Men #1 in 1963. In subsequent years, the team became a huge part of the Marvel universe and expanded with characters like Wolverine, Storm, and Nightcrawler. Lee also shared a story on the origin of the "X-Men" name.

I wanted originally to call them The Mutants and he said, "you can't call them The Mutants" and I said, "why not?' He said, 'our readers, they aren't that smart.' He had no respect for comic book readers". So I went home and I thought and thought and I cam up with the X-Men and I mentioned it to him the next day, and he said, 'That's okay.' And as I walked out of his office, I thought, 'That was very peculiar. But he had okayed the name and I used it.

The 94-year-old Lee said: "Believe it or not, I've already discussed it with Leonardo DiCaprio".

Martin Goodman is an important figure in Marvel history. He founded Timely Comics in 1939, which was rebranded as Marvel in 1961. Goodman remained the publisher until 1972 when he was replaced by his son, Chip.

In 1975, glam rock lord Marc Bolan was hosting the occasional interview on BBC radio program Today - a job that fortuitously led to him chatting to one of his idols: Stan Lee.

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