Marriott's Updated Statement on Hurricane Irma

Destruction A woman with her two children walk past debris left by Hurricane Irma in Charlotte Amalie St. Thomas U.S. Virgin Islands

Destruction A woman with her two children walk past debris left by Hurricane Irma in Charlotte Amalie St. Thomas U.S. Virgin Islands

A recent report states that some terrified tourists stranded on the Caribbean Island of St Thomas during Hurricane Irma were left stuck when a rescue ship from Hotel Marriott did not allow non-hotel guests to board the vessel for safety.

She added: "Once we got to the docks and learned that it was for, Marriott guests only, they told us that we could get in a different line and wait - so we got the impression that we would, if there was room, they would let us on".

The company defended itself in a statement that it didn't have authorization to take passengers who weren't staying at the hotel.

Meanwhile, several cruise companies are receiving praise for their efforts to help the storm-ravaged U.S. Virgin Islands. "Marriott did not let us on this boat to get to San Juan so we can get flights back home", she wrote on Facebook.

A video filmed and posted on Facebook by Naomi Michial Ayala, from Dallas, Texas, shows the lights turned off at the pier after they had been refused to board. "We were told we had to have our boat out of that port by nightfall".

SAN JUAN, Puerto Rico (WFLA) - The Coast Guard rescued 99 people and 13 pets from the U.S. Virgin Islands after Hurricane Irma on Tuesday. "We knew that it was in our best interests and in the best interests of our guests to get that ship out of there that night".

"The security personnel employed by the dock company would not - and we asked them repeatedly - allow them through the port gates and boarding area, because they were not on the manifest we prepared in advance, as requirement for the boat to depart for global waters", Sheldon told Forbes.

El Conquistador Resort, The Meliá Coco Beach, Hotel El Convento and all Marriott and Hilton properties on the island, among others, are also in full operation, taking reservations for future travelers, and welcoming new guests.

"With Hurricane Jose on a path to St Thomas, the ferry had a tight window to pick up passengers and safely depart".

'We very much wanted to assist these other travelers to Puerto Rico, however, the Marriott team on the ground was told they had no authorization to board additional passengers.

Marriott Hotel did not respond to International Business Times' request for a direct comment on the incident at the time of publishing this article. In this case, we weren't able to help and as grateful as we are that we were able to transport our guests, we are saddened that we were not able to do the same for more people.

A Marriott spokesman told London's The Sun in a statement that officials told their cruise that they could not take additional guests off the island.

Hurricane Jose did ultimately turn north and had minimal effect on the battered island. We do not have food or water or places to go.

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