Revealed! Missing Class 12 student Chandni Jain was killed by lover

A screenshot from the CCTV footage

A screenshot from the CCTV footage

The victim, 17-year-old Chandni Jain, left her home in Miyapur at 5pm on Saturday to meet friends. Chandni was a student of Silver Oaks global school in Bachupally. The police suspect that the girl could not have gone there all by herself and that she could have been killed by whoever took her there, either with her consent or by force. Despite asking her to avoid him, she pressurised him into marriage. The 17-year-old's decomposed body was found on Tuesday morning in the outskirts of the city, after she went missing on Saturday evening. The body has started decomposing so we are assuming she died Saturday night itself. Chandni had a tattoo of her date of birth in Roman letters. "The short opinion given on the day of autopsy performed did not have a proper conclusion on the cause of death as the body was decomposed", a senior police official said. In the evening around 5, she told her sister and mother that she was going out to meet her friends. "When I called her at around 6.30 pm, her phone was switched off".

Since the parents first approached Miyapur police, a case of kidnapping was registered, as she was a minor.

Cops have been able to trace her movements after analysis of CCTV footage from 100 cameras including those installed at apartments where Chandni lived. After a long wait when she didn't reach the home everyone gets anxious and dialed her number but it was switched off.

"Since the girl is a minor and the suspect is also suspected to be a minor, we are investigating carefully". "The duo was seen conversing and no altercation was seen between them while walking into the isolated area", an officer said.

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