South Korea capable of accurately targeting North Korea with Taurus long-range missile

N. Korea warns more 'gift packages' on way if US continues 'reckless provocations'

KCNA Reuters

South Korea intends to increase the size of the warheads on its long-range ballistic missiles to ensure that they have the ability to penetrate hardened structures, such as North Korea's underground bunkers, and a few days ago, the South Korean military, together with USA forces, installed four additional Terminal High Altitude Area Defense (THAAD) antimissile batteries.

Article continues after the advertisementA Taurus long-range air-to-surface missile fired from a South Korean Air Force F-15K fighter jet moments before hitting its target September 12, 2017.

The South Korean military released footage of the first live-fire Taurus cruise missile exercise, which was carried out Wednesday morning. If fired from Seoul, it can reach any target in North Korea within 15 minutes. Taurus has a maximum range of 500 kilometers, and a top speed of over one, one-hundred kilometers an hour.

Saab says that a Taurus missile, "designed to penetrate dense air defences", can neutralize "high-value stationary and semi-stationary targets through its highly effective 481 kg dual stage warhead system MEPHISTO". It is capable of penetrating North Korea's bunkers as deep as 8 meters underground, while increasing the survival chances of pilots and aircraft, making the weapon a core part of the Kill Chain strategy, the military's on-going air defense plan.

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