Uber's bid to move Waymo case to arbitration gets denied

Waymo suit against Uber on road to trial

Waymo suit against Uber on road to trial

A federal circuit judge dealt a blow to Uber in Alphabet's lawsuit against the ride-hailing company. Waymo has argued that because he won't answer questions about his negotiations with Uber and the allegedly stolen files, the information must be extracted from Uber, which as a corporation isn't afforded the same constitutional protections as individuals.

The document was so carefully protected that it wasn't even shared with Uber's board members during the acquisition of Otto, Levandowski's startup. The report was prepared by cybersecurity and legal firm Stroz Friedberg.

The document at the heart of the fight is a due diligence report that Uber commissioned when it acqui-hired former Googler Anthony Levandowski and the entire self-driving truck startup he founded after suddenly resigning from Google.

Under court order, Levandowski was first walled off by Uber from working on the technology in dispute and then fired in May after the trial judge ordered the company to use its full authority to force the engineer to comply with a court order to turn over evidence.

Alphabet is suing Uber for trade secret misappropriation, alleging Levandowski downloaded 14,000 files of proprietary information to bring it to Uber.

Alphabet Inc.'s Waymo can proceed with a planned October trial over claims Uber Technologies Inc. stole trade secrets for self-driving vehicles after a USA appeals court declined to punt the case to an arbitrator and rejected an effort to keep Waymo from seeing critical evidence. Levandowski appealed Alsup's decision; Uber decided not to.

"Mr. Levandowski can not prevent Uber and Stroz from producing the Stroz Report for consideration in this civil action exclusively because it 'may incriminate him'".

Waymo, the self-driving vehicle company spun out of Google, just scored a major win in its ongoing legal battle against Uber. The stakes of the case may be enough to convince Khosrowshahi, who has only been on the job for about two weeks, to try to push for a settlement.

I've reached out to Uber and will update this story when I hear back.

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