United Nations security council approves new sanctions on North Korea

United Nations security council approves new sanctions on North Korea

United Nations security council approves new sanctions on North Korea

Japan and South Korea said after the passage of the US -drafted Security Council resolution they were prepared to apply more pressure if Pyongyang refused to end its aggressive development of nuclear weapons and ballistic missiles.

In one example, a North Korean ship registered in St Kitts and Nevis was said to have sailed from China to North Korea, turning off its transponder to hide its location as it loaded coal.

Noting that oil is the lifeblood of North Korea's effort to build and deliver a nuclear weapon, Haley said the resolution reduces nearly 30 per cent of oil provided to North Korea by cutting off over 55 per cent of its gas, diesel, and heavy fuel oil.

Major U.S. allies in Asia welcomed on Tuesday the U.N. Security Council's unanimous vote to step up sanctions on North Korea, with its profitable textile exports now banned and fuel supplies to the reclusive North capped after it its sixth nuclear test.

The sanctions, proposed in response to Pyongyang's September 3 nuclear test, curtail the country's gas, petrol and oil imports, ban textile exports and prohibit countries from granting new work permits to North Koreans. But it only caps Pyongyang's imports of crude oil at the level of the last 12 months, and it limits the import of refined petroleum products to 2 million barrels a year.

The proposed raft of sanctions come as UN Secretary General Antonio Guterres said in an interview the showdown over Pyongyang's nuclear and missile program was the world's worst crisis "in years" and had left him deeply anxious. The same factors that have driven their success-lack of state control and secretiveness-would make them useful fund raising and money laundering tools for a man threatening to use nuclear weapons against the US.

Liu again urged the council to adopt the freeze-for-freeze proposal and said talks with North Korea are needed "sooner rather than later".

And today the Security Council is saying that if the North Korean regime does not halt its nuclear program, we will act to stop it ourselves.

Textile exports North Korea's largest economic sector that the Security Council had not previously restricted earned North Korea an average of Dollars 760 million in the past three years.

That's all in violation of past United Nations resolutions.

That would amount to a 10 per cent cut in oil products, according to the US Energy Information Administration, which estimates annual exports to North Korea at almost 2.2 million barrels.

China accounts for 90% of North Korea's external trade.

As for North Koreans working overseas, the USA mission said a cutoff on new work permits will eventually cost North Korea about $500 million a year once current work permits expire.

He said North Korean bank representatives still operate in Russian Federation in "flagrant disregard" of United Nations resolutions that Moscow voted for.

Besides exchanges, FireEye said an English-language bitcoin news website was breached by North Korea, which would likely allow hackers to identify people visiting the site.

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