Windsor Has Highest Rate of Kids Living In Low Income Homes

Windsor Has Highest Rate of Kids Living In Low Income Homes

Windsor Has Highest Rate of Kids Living In Low Income Homes

Ottawa residents have the highest household incomes of anyone in Ontario, according to new data from Statistics Canada.

Almost two in five children in a single-parent household are low-income, compared to just 11 per cent of children in a two-parent household.

Nikkie Edwards and her boyfriend make about $31,000 a year, a sum that leaves them below the poverty line as defined by Statistics Canada - and in the company of another 4.8 million people, according to the latest census numbers released Wednesday.

Median income growth was slowest in Ontario and Quebec which have the largest populations and have a significant manufacturing base where jobs in manufacturing have been in decline.

Median total household income in the Hamilton CMA rose from $71,660 in 2005 to about $75,460 in 2015.

The Liberal government's new child benefit was created to slash child poverty rates further, particularly in places like Nova Scotia and New Brunswick, which had the highest provincial child poverty rate at 22.2 per cent. Unfortunately, 42 per cent of those children live in poverty, compared to just 25.5 per cent among children who live with their father. There is one Atlantic success story though - in 2005, one quarter of children in Newfoundland and Labrador were in low income households. "When the median income rises that much in a particular area, it stands to reason that you could see an interesting decrease in the low income rate".

In hard-hit Windsor, Ont., the child poverty rate topped out at 24 per cent, the highest of any Canadian municipality, as a result of a deep and persistent decline in the manufacturing sector.

Low income households contained fewer children aged five and younger, but a higher proportion of seniors.

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