Almost 4.5 million without power in Florida

Trump to residents in Irma's path 'Just get out of its way&apos

Trump to residents in Irma's path'Just get out of its way'More

I just hope everybody has evacuated and gotten to safety.

Florida Power & Light, the nation's third-largest electric utility, warned Friday it was expecting "unprecedented" power outages, and that it could affect about 9 million people.

Hurricane Jose formed less than a week after Hurricane Irma, and he's possibly headed toward the U.S.

- At least 26 deaths have been blamed on Irma in the Caribbean islands, where it hit before barreling toward Florida.

The National Hurricane Center said Jose, once a powerful Category 4 hurricane, had 75 miles per hour winds on Tuesday morning and could weaken to a tropical storm later today.

More than 180,000 people huddled in shelters in the Sunshine State.

"HELP IS ON THE WAY", they promised on Facebook.

The National Weather Service predicts that the main storm threats from Irma will be flooding along the lower and central coast. "A t-shirt, anything white", the office said on its Facebook page. "Search and rescue teams are ready to deploy".

He said the ocean side of the island chain was "absolutely smashed", with many boats and homes leveled by more than a day of hurricane force winds.

Search crews planned to go door-to-door in the hard-hit Keys to check on residents. Authorities also struggled to clear the single highway connecting the string of islands to the mainland.

"We have no electricity, at least in this pat of Key West, we have no water, we have no internet service", Dave Gonzales, the museum's curator, said on MSNBC Sunday night. There were no immediate reports of tornadoes touching down.

"Clearly the briefing that we received at Camp David this morning caused the president to have great concern for the impact of this storm moving up the west coast, and the potential through heavy winds and storm surge to compromise cities and compromise lives", Vice President Mike Pence told reporters.

Irma is expected to drop 2 to 5 inches of rain across SC and northern portions of Georgia, Alabama and Mississippi.

Insured property losses in Florida from Irma were expected to run from $20 billion to $40 billion, catastrophe modeling firm AIR Worldwide estimated. The area has not been struck by a major hurricane since 1921, when its population was about 10,000, National Hurricane Centre spokesman Dennis Feltgen said.

Massive cleanup: Mayor Bill Barnett says trees are down and streets are flooded, even though the storm surge wasn't as bad as officials feared.

While battling a storm might have looked fun to some, Reddit advised that people experiencing the storm to remain indoors. By Sunday, the company restored power to 400,000 customers during the storm.

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