CFL ends full-contact practices



In what could be a first step in the professional football to curb the amount of hits players take on the football field, the Canadian Football League (CFL) has chose to halt full-contact practices immediately.

Here's an interesting bit of football news from north of the border: effective immediately, the Canadian Football League is putting an end to full-contact padded practices during the season. While contact practices will still be permitted at training camp, full-contact practices during the regular season will immediately become a thing of the past.

Teams are now allowed full-contact practices during training camp, plus an additional 17 days during the season. The amount of contact in all football leagues has seen a decline since recent studies have linked collisions to long-term brain damage.

The biggest gains the NFL Players' Association made in the 2011 collective bargaining agreement were in player-safety areas like padded practices; where once teams were allowed two-a-days during training camp, that has been eliminated, and there is also a cap on padded practices in-season (14 total, with 11 allowed in the first 11 weeks of the season). Ambrosie, it's worth noting, is also a former CFL player.

The CFL's move to improve player safety may have raised the bar for other competitive football leagues like the NFL to follow suit and protect its players in the near future.

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