Destiny 2 Leviathan Raid date and recommended power level confirmed

Destiny 2’s Highly Anticipated ‘Leviathan’ Raid is Now Live     
          by DG Goldstein

Destiny 2’s Highly Anticipated ‘Leviathan’ Raid is Now Live by DG Goldstein

Bungie have just revealed that they are removing a gauntlet from Destiny 2 that "shares elements with a hate symbol".

We'll let you know what content becomes available Tuesday. So it may actually feel like more of an extension of the game, rather than your typical raid. Those include not waiting to decrypt Engrams and saving some of your Upgrade Points. PC players, stay patient - Destiny 2 is launching for you Tuesday, October 24.

Destiny 2 has also received a short update today along with the server maintenance downtime. The Leviathan Raid can be selected from the Director's Destinations map in a new area located in orbit surrounding Nessus. You'll also want to initiate a questline called On the Comms, which is unlocked at random after having spent time killing Cabal. The Raid will begin from 6pm BST on Wednesday, September 13. In theory players could get a character up to a maximum of 350 power level, but it'll take some doing to get there and will necessitate the use of a guide and an extremely diligent approach to guiding their Guardians path. Some new videos posted today, as well as livestreams, show us Arekkz and his clan mates getting ready to run the raid- you can check out the embedded livestream for yourself below.

Skyburner's Oath - The Skyburner's Oath fires solar slugs that do extra damage to Cabal and penetrates Phalanx shields.

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