Duterte Can't End A Human Rights Campaign, So Allies Killed Its Budget

Duterte Can't End A Human Rights Campaign, So Allies Killed Its Budget

Duterte Can't End A Human Rights Campaign, So Allies Killed Its Budget

"The fact that pro-Duterte lawmakers are looking to eviscerate it as a functioning body is extremely worrying, given the extent of this human rights calamity that Duterte has inflicted on the Philippines as part of this so-called war on drugs".

"If you want to protect the rights of criminals, get your budget from the criminals", Alvarez said on national television.

Duterte, whose supporters control the lower house of congress, has frequently lashed out at the commission, which has condemned thousands of police killings during his 15 months in office.

Earlier this week, CHR chairperson Jose Luis Gascon has expressed apprehension regarding their proposed budget due to their critical stance on President Duterte's bloody war against drugs, which has reportedly led to the killing of at least 12,000, most if not all come from poor families. It investigation in particular on some of the 3.800 deaths of drug addicts or drug traffickers suspected were shot by police and the security forces in operations that are "legitimate" according to them.

Pimentel acknowledged that President Rodrigo Duterte has the last say in the budget of the CHR as stipulated under the Constitution.

The Philippine government created the CHR after the removal of dictator Ferdinand Marcos.

Cayetano, in a press statement, said UN High Commissioner for Human Rights and Jordanian Prince Zeid Ra'ad Al Hussein "severely mischaracterized" the Philippines' human rights record.

"Basta sa Senado, the CHR deserves more than a thousand and here they have more than P600-million", Pimentel told reporters in an interview before the session.

The measly budget was meant to be a killing stroke for the agency - because neither the president nor Congress can abolish the CHR without constitutional reform - but it still has to go through the Senate for approval.

"If he will resign, he could save the budget of the CHR", he said in a text message.

The original proposal of the Philippine CHR's 2018 budged amounted to 678 million Philippine Pesos ($13 million), which was less than their budget a year ago.

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