Gas prices are up, and Hurricane Harvey is to blame

Filling up — After waiting in lines that have become common at fuel stations across West Volusia these motorists stock up on gasoline at the Race Trac station on the south side of DeLand. Those hunting for gasoline may find help online

AAA: State Paying Highest Gas Prices Since 2015

The average price in the Silver State stood at $2.81 a gallon.

San Francisco drivers now are paying the highest prices in the nation at $3.30 per gallon, AAA said.

The cheapest price for regular unleaded in Modesto within 48 hours was $2.75 at Modesto Truck Plaza, Seventh Street near East Hatch Road, according to on Wednesday morning.

The average price in Modesto, said the website (part of, was $3.03. That national average Wednesday morning was $2.66, it said. Prices were trending upward.

Nationally, the average price for a gallon of gas is $2.67, up three cents from last week ($2.64), 31 cents from a month ago ($2.36) and 49 cents from this same time previous year ($2.18). The highest price in the area was $3.49, charged by the Shell station on Ingram Creek and Howard roads in Westley. Drivers in Reno are paying the most, with prices jumping 17 cents in a month to about $3.17 per gallon, the price most drivers in California are paying since AAA's last survey on August 9. "As pipelines and refineries return to their full operations, prices should start to decrease later in the month". "Combined with strong summer travel demand on the West Coast, it means motorists in Nevada are seeing the highest gas prices in two years", Blasky said.

"Gas prices historically fall after Labor Day, so drivers should expect to pay lower prices unless there's another disruption in the oil market", Blasky said.

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