Hasina accuses Myanmar of committing atrocities on Rohingyas

Hasina accuses Myanmar of committing atrocities on Rohingyas

Hasina accuses Myanmar of committing atrocities on Rohingyas

The move comes at a time when around 3.7 lakh Rohingyas fled Myanmar Army's crackdown in Rakahine in the last two weeks and entered Bangladesh.

Boats arrive each day after crossing the Bay of Bengal or the Naf river. They urged the council to hold a public meeting and demand an end to the violence.

The letter calls on the Security Council to persuade the Myanmar government to implement a number of recommendations made by the Rakhine Advisory Commission, a body established in 2016 under pressure from the global community.

The Annan Commission, mostly comprised of Myanmar citizens, recommended providing citizenship to the Rohingyas, allowing them freedom of movement, rights and equality before the law, ensuring communal representation, facilitating United Nations assistance in ensuring safety and security of returning people.

This year, her office said she would not be attending because of the security threats posed by the insurgents and her efforts to restore peace and stability.

Bangladesh's Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina also called on Myanmar to take the Rohingya refugees back.

The signatories include 10 winners of the Nobel Peace Price, including the youngest-ever, education activist Malala Yousafzai, and Desmond Tutu.

Meanwhile, Myanmar State Counsellor and de facto leader has chose to skip the next week's United Nations General Assembly debate as criticism of her handling of the Rohingya crisis has grown immensely.

Amarpreet Singh, managing director, Khalsa Aid, as reported by Indian Express, said, "A camp can accommodate at least 50,000 people but in a lot of them there are more than one lakh refugees".

They, and rights groups, paint a picture of widespread attacks on Rohingya villages in the north of Arakan State by the security forces and ethnic Arakanese Buddhists, who have put many Muslim villages to the torch.

"Complete villages have been burned, women raped, many civilians arbitrarily arrested, and children killed".

Her appearance at last year's General Assembly was a landmark: her first since her party won elections in 2015 and replaced a military-dominated government. However, the situation has not improved. "The state counselor is focusing to calm the situation in Rakhine state".

The exodus of more than 370,000 Rohingya from Rakine state began after militants attacked police posts on Aug 25, prompting a military backlash.

Dubai's ruler is sending a Boeing 747 cargo plane loaded with tents to shelter Rohingya refugees in Bangladesh. "Accordingly, they stripped the Rohingyas of their citizenship".

"Of course, practical measures don't mean military deployments".

Hundreds of people marched in India's capital on Wednesday demanding an end to violence against Rohingya in Myanmar.

"A bold change in approach is needed by (the) United Nations and the global community if there is to be an end to the cycle of violence against the Rohingyas. The government of Myanmar needs to be told that worldwide support and finance is conditional on a major change in policy towards the Rohingya".

The signatories insisted on immediate implementation of the recommendations made by the Kofi Annan commission.

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