Hillary: Okay, I made mistakes … but what about Comey and the misogyny?

Hillary: Okay, I made mistakes … but what about Comey and the misogyny?

Hillary: Okay, I made mistakes … but what about Comey and the misogyny?

Hillary Clinton appeared on the "Today" show Wednesday morning in her first live TV interview since Election Day, saying that she believes she didn't make enough mistakes on her own to lose the election and that former FBI Director James Comey was the determining factor in President Donald Trump's win. "Instead of saying, 'I'm taking a chance, I'm going to vote, ' it didn't work". I thought, 'What is he doing?' The investigation was closed. When I was secretary of state, I came out of that job with I think a 69% approval rating because I was in service to my country it.

"There's a lot of self-exoneration", he said, adding that Clinton has never acknowledged that she simply lacked a message that resonated with voters.

"Absent that, I believe and I think the evidence shows, I would have won", she said. "Just hold the world together five more weeks for me".

Clinton added that she felt "sick" when Comey said in a congressional hearing that the thought of him having an impact on the 2016 election made him "mildly nauseous".

Comey's announcement upended Clinton's campaign at a crucial time, and prompted speculation that the former secretary of state might cut ties with her longtime right-hand woman after the episode.

She also expressed that voter identification laws, which she labeled "voter suppression", was also responsible for her loss. He could've called others involved up and said, 'Hey, can we look at this new stuff just to make sure it's stuff we've seen before?' Absolutely, have at it.

She added it "made her sick" to hear Comey telling Congress he became "mildly nauseous" to know his October 28 letter could have made a material impact on the November 8 election. He could've called me up.

In the interview, Clinton suggested that women heeded pressure from men not to vote for her, citing a conversation with Sheryl Sandberg, a Facebook executive and women's rights activist.

"The Times, as usual, played an outsize role in shaping coverage of my emails throughout the election", Clinton wrote in "What Happened", which was released Tuesday. "You know, I have one of the top Republicans, Kevin McCarthy, admitting, like we're going to take that tragedy, because we've lost people, unfortunately, going back to the Reagan administration if you talk about recent times in diplomatic attacks".

'Well I will say no, Matt, ' Clinton responded. "It's not just a political issue for me, and they are constantly trying to undermine me".

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