IPhone X Price: What Can We Expect To Pay For Apple Smartphone?

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Key takeaways from Apple's iPhone X iPhone 8 launch event Price Availability in India and more

A new display stretching across the phone means the fingerprint sensor and home button has been removed, as Apple makes the full move to a buttonless world, started with last year's iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 Plus. For years, Apple only used Qualcomm's modems in the devices, but the device maker began using Intel modems in some versions of the iPhone 7, which came out last year.

As I was thinking more about the iPhone X and how Apple completely changed how people will be required to navigate iOS, it struck me that the Samsung Galaxy Note 8 in my hand is the anti-Apple iPhone X with a number of choices provided to the user.

The Apple iPhone 8 has a 4.7-inch Retina HD display with a typical contrast ratio of 1,400:1 and 1,334 x 750 pixels resolution.

But the day before, an executive with Qualcomm-which has always been an Apple partner, with its silicon products powering iPhones and other devices-in a post on the company blog touted the technological accomplishments it and Android smartphone makers have accomplished over the past several years and the large number of devices that use those innovations. These days, most of us have smartphones, they nearly always seem to be black or silver, and we use them for everything from finding a date to paying for lunch.

iPhone 8 Plus is no longer the flagship? Indeed, some reports have suggested that there will only be a limited supply of iPhone X devices initially, meaning that the first batch of iPhone X units is expected to sell out extremely rapidly.

Would you use Apple's new Face ID?

IPhone X Price: What Can We Expect To Pay For Apple Smartphone?
IPhone X Price: What Can We Expect To Pay For Apple Smartphone?

In order to retain some part of the current licensing fees system, Qualcomm has sued Apple back in several domestic and worldwide courts, going so far as to (unrealistically) seek various iPhone sales bans. Or will the next special iPhone arrive ten years from now as the iPhone XX? They can try to undercut the iPhone X, ridicule it or simply ignore it and accept its inevitable prevalence, settling for a still-profitable silver medal, bronze, and so forth.

Apple even avoided a lot of the old standbys like OS update metrics or app store revenue. Probably, Apple may announce an iPhone 9 and a 9 Plus only the coming year but right now it's hard to tell.

If Apple wants to retain the sense of consumer wonderment (and big profits), though, it's going to have to come up with another iPhone. Just like that, Apple took a way the essential Home Button and its TouchID in one go. Or will they hold back and think of the iPhone X as not the future, but just an experiment?

Thus, it is now known as that the iPhone X will be the OLED-driven device that has been widely predicted in Apple-following circles.

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