'Racism is as American as baseball' banner removed from Fenway Park

Mike McGinnis  Getty Images

Mike McGinnis Getty Images

Security quickly confiscated the banner and removed those holding it.

Security removed the banner and the people holding it "about a minute" after it was hung, per MassLive's Jen McCaffrey.

The Red Sox recently announced they'd be in favor of renaming Yawkey Way, the street outside the park, because of the racist history of former team owner Tom Yawkey, for which the street is named.

In May, Baltimore Orioles center fielder Adam Jones had racial slurs hurled at him from fans sitting in the outfield.

Former Red Sox owner Tom Yawkey was the last Major League Baseball owner to allow an African American player onto his roster, and new Red Sox owner John William Henry II wants to remove the Yawkey name from the business district due to the racist history that goes with it.

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