Steven "Randy" Jackson Says Janet Jackson's Marriage Was "Quite An Abusive Situation"


Steven "Randy" Jackson Says Janet Jackson's Marriage Was "Quite An Abusive Situation"

Randy says his sister dealt with "verbal abuse" and felt like "a prisoner in her own home", during her marriage, and is still dealing with harassment. "It was an abusive situation".

In Randy's explosive tell all about Janet's marriage, he said she was verbally abused by billionaire businessman Al Mana, 42, while she was pregnant. No pregnant woman does not need to be treated in his**pe every day.

"It was quite an abusive situation", Randy alleges. I think the world is going to get something really special from her. "I'm exhausted. It is too" ". It was too much.

In a statement to People, Al Mana's attorneys dismissed Randy's claims, and opted not to indulge his allegations with an answer.

'It came on later in the relationship, verbal abuse and being a prisoner in her own home. "That's what she went through".

"There's a lot of pain", he added. ET reports that according to a source, the pop star is asking for full custory of eight month-old Eissa in her divorce proceedings.

The older Jackson sibling, 55, spoke to People magazine about the extremely turbulent time that not only Janet, but the entire Jackson family has gone through as a result of her separation from her ex-husband.

At the start of the year, Randy became more involved.

They said: "Mr. Al Mana is not going to dignify these particular and deeply hurtful allegations with a response".

Randy, who has also attended some of his sister's court hearings, shared what Jackson's marriage was like in the months leading up to their split. In the end, all the other members of the family have joined the opinion of Randy and have encouraged Janet to put an end to this relationship toxic.

Janet confirmed their marriage was over in a video post in May. The singer recently broke down onstage in Houston.

Janet wept and shook with emotion as she struggled to sing the lyrics at the Toyota Centre. He and Janet just welcomed a son, Eissa, earlier this year. She had postponed the tour due to her pregnancy.

The Toyota Center, where the concert took place, revealed via Twitter that Janet would be donating proceeds from the gig to hurricane relief efforts.

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