Administration Hints That Trump Would Work With Dems on DACA

Deseret News        Letter to the Editor

Deseret News Letter to the Editor

A Brooklyn federal judge on Thursday called for extending deadlines on President Donald Trump's plan to wind down the program that allows immigrants in the USA illegally since they were brought as children to stay and work.

As word spread late Wednesday night of a deal between top Democrats and President Donald Trump over the fate of young immigrants, there was cautious optimism among Dreamers in the North Jersey area.

By his thoughtless action, President Trump could severely damage the American economy.

"It created momentum; it created a statement as DACA recipients", she said. The authors said that rescinding DACA will have an adverse population-level effect on mental health, because removing legal protections from deportation reduces the likelihood dreamers will seek help for mental health issues. "Right now we're booked solid doing DACAs", said David Osio, director.

"What does border security mean to the Democratic Party?"

While the BBB can not provide legal advice on any matters, we urge consumers to avoid potential DACA and other immigration scams by pro-actively seeking competent legal assistance rather than responding to unsolicited offers of assistance. "They're saying to us, 'Even if you take care of us, whats going to happen to our parents?'" she said. "We're not looking at amnesty", he said.

Facing intense blowback from his nationalist base, President Trump on Thursday doubled down on his vow to build a wall on the Mexican border - and said there would be no citizenship or amnesty for the 800,000 Dreamers in the US.

"Why not send them back to the country where they came from?"

DACA was enacted in 2012 by President Obama. I think he has consistently over a period of time expressed his desire to do something with them differently than perhaps what some people perceived.

Since 2001, Congress has wrestled with how to treat immigrants brought here from other nations as young children without legal permission.

It is an issue that needs to be addressed as soon as possible, because these are lives of people being dangled on a thin string, Jasso said.

While we believe President Trump's action only contributes to the growing anti-Hispanic xenophobia overtaking policymakers in our country, we also view his actions as an opportunity - once again - for Congress to do its job.

"Just like I have (had) for the past five years, anxiety", said Seven Flores, who has been shielded from deportation since 2013 under DACA.

But Iowa GOP Rep. Steve King apparently wasn't convinced, telling CNN before Trump spoke that the president seems more interested in keeping Hillary Clinton's campaign promises than his own.

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