Banksy donates funds from sale of latest artwork to anti-arms campaigners

In just one sentence the government reveals why so many people are facing arrest to stop an arms fair

Banksy gives £205000 to human rights and anti-arms trade groups

The artwork, named Civilian Drone Strike, depicts drones destroying a child-like drawing of a house while a little girl and her dog watch on in horror.

"Civilian Drone Strike" was on display at the Stop the Arms Fair art exhibition in east London, which ended yesterday (September 15).

The street artist Banksy has given a financial boost to peace campaigners by donating the £205,000 raised from the sale of his latest work to Reprieve and Campaign Against Arms Trade.

Money from the sale of the piece was split between Campaign Against Arms Trade (CAAT), and human rights group Reprieve.

Andrew Smith, of Campaign Against Arms Trade, said: "This money will be used to ensure we mobilise even more people against the next arms fair, so that we can stop it from happening".

He added: "It's time to shut it down for good".

The exhibition was the second half of a two-week festival of protest against the DSEI, the world's biggest arms fair, which brought together delegations from what activists say are some of the worst human rights-abusing regimes with 1,600 makers and sellers of weapons and military equipment.

"Respect for human rights is a mandatory consideration in the process and a country would not be invited where that would contradict the UK's global obligations".

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