Dead after AC issue at So. Fla. nursing home

Massive recovery efforts are underway for residents stranded in the Florida Keys.                CBS News

Massive recovery efforts are underway for residents stranded in the Florida Keys. CBS News

Several other residents are reported to be in critical condition.

Around 9.5 million people, roughly half the state's population, remain without power.

U.S President Donald Trump has arrived in the Hurricane ravaged state of Florida to meet people affected by the Storm.

"Right now the building has been sealed off and we're conducting a criminal investigation inside".

Trump has approved a request from Florida for a disaster declaration ordering federal aid to supplement state, tribal and local recovery efforts.

The nursing home's maintenance director could not produce documentation to show that either the emergency generator "had been replaced" or that there were plans for a "permanent generator" to be installed, inspector records showed.

"This situation is unfathomable", he said.

Four more died in hospitals after the sweltering facility was evacuated Wednesday morning in a chaotic blur of events that prompted checks of other nursing homes in the area.

Some residents there awoke sick, the Miami Herald reported. More than 800 utility workers are trying to restore electricity to the more than 100,000 customers who began the day here with no lights or air conditioning.

Temperatures on Tuesday in Hollywood reached 32C (90F), according to the National Weather Service.

Gov. Rick Scott announced Thursday night that he has directed the Agency for Health Care Administration to terminate the Rehabilitation Center at Hollywood Hills as a Medicaid provider.

There are some conflicting details about exactly how much power the building lost.

Harrison is on the Florida Health Innovation subcommittee which oversees legislation governing Florida nursing homes.

"The facility had some power". The staff used fans, put cold towels and ice on patients and gave them cold drinks, he said.

Assisted living facilities across the state serve an additional 92,000 residents.

The association said it was working with officials to prioritise "the locations with the greatest need". During those conference calls he gave out a cell phone number and said if any of the healthcare centers experienced trouble they should call him at that number and he would work to resolve their problem.

Pembroke Pines police spokeswoman Amanda Conwell told the Miami Herald that officers were at the scene.

For those with family or homes in Florida, it may have been hard to determine the scope of the damage left behind when Hurricane Irma struck this week, as power went out and phone lines were down.

Another person died in Daytona Beach on Wednesday from carbon monoxide poisoning from an electric generator.

Elsewhere in South Florida, other alarms were sounded for older residents.

In the battered Florida Keys, meanwhile, county officials pushed back against a preliminary estimate from the Federal Emergency Management Agency that 25 per cent of all homes in the Keys were destroyed and almost all the rest were heavily damaged.

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