F1 drivers take on durian

Formula One boss Chase Carey revives India interests

F1 drivers take on durian

Ricciardo put in a time of 1:39.840, nearly three and a half tenths behind Vettel's pole time of 1:39.492, with Verstappen splitting them on 1:39.814.

In a sport where winning is determined by the machine as much as the man, the only true level playing field is between team-mates who drive the same car.

The famously taciturn and unflappable two-time world champion (1998-1999) Mika Hakkinen used the same analogy when he was in town this week. I think we've got a good package. "We have a relationship with Aston Martin and that's only growing".

The video, which is gaining traction online, amassed over 1.4 million views, 31k reactions, 7.8k shares and 5.8k comments at the time of writing.

"If Ayrton wants the championship that badly, he can have it", said a fuming Prost after the race.

Ayrton Senna's feud with fellow all-time great Alain Prost when the pair were at McLaren from 1988 to 1989 is the rivalry that has set the standard.

"Red Bull seem like they're very strong... but nothing is out of reach". It seeks to provide the freedom of space for the drivers to showcase their personalities and real life chemistry, by going out of the box and stepping out of comfort zones when carrying out content marketing, especially on social media. "For sure on Sunday, everyone can be selfish to do better, but it helps (with the relationship) if you understand the bigger picture", said Ricciardo.

Red Bull's sister team, Toro Rosso, will end the Renault deal at the end of this season and take McLaren's Honda engine supply. There will be further developments with that but that doesn't relate to the engine.

Both Porsche and Aston Martin, a long-time affiliate of Red Bull, are thought to be interested in joining F1 depending on the outcome of the sport's proposed engine revamp for 2021. Brute force such as overarm and high throws were also employed to open the durian.

Vandoorne was penalised before the race after being fitted with a brand-new engine - and still suffered a power failure, underlining Honda's problems with reliability. Red Bull themselves wanted to find another engine supplier, but could come to terms with any other company.

One person Ricciardo may be able to tempt in trying the 'shoey' is his Red Bull teammate Max Verstappen, with the smiling Aussie claiming they have well and truly patched up their differences after clashing at the Hungarian Grand Prix.

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