Punk songs accidentally pressed on Beyonce's Lemonade vinyl

Ottawa punk band Zex members Gab Hole Gretchen Steel and Jo Capitalicide have been dropped by their record label just as an album mix-up had thrust them into the international spotlight

Punk songs accidentally pressed on Beyonce's Lemonade vinyl

Beyonce fans dropped the needle on Side A to be treated to a blast of punk rock by Canadian band Zex: in particular the first side of their new album Uphill Battle.

An error made at the Celebrate Records plant in Germany, which Sony uses to manufacture vinyl, caused a mispressing of the punk band's music onto Side A of Beyonce's album.

And before you start claiming that this was a ruse to promote Beyonce's favourite Canadian punk band, the statement continued: "Beyonce and Zex were not aware of or responsible for the mispress". Partly this is because, in the digital age, music fans will often opt to actually listen to tracks via their streaming platform of choice, but buy the vinyl release because they want a physical representation of their tastes. Beyoncé's label, Columbia Records, has apologised for the error and is offering free replacement copies to anyone affected.

Beyoncé, meanwhile, is taking time out from music following the birth of twins Rumi and Sir, though she recently appeared in Houston to help with the relief effort in the wake of Hurricane Harvey.

In a video of her trip to St John's Church, where she sang as a child, she was heard saying the day was a "story of survival" and added: "Houston is my home".

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