Charles Barkley on players: 'Poor babies' can't play back-to-backs

Charles Barkley

Charles Barkley on players: 'Poor babies' can't play back-to-backs

Charles Barkley is soooooo relieved that the National Basketball Association has found it in its heart to be kinder and gentler on today's players by making them play fewer back-to-backs.

Speaking from an athletic forum at SMU, Barkley said he is "so angry at the NBA" for creating a lighter schedule for its players to try and promote rest and reduce wear-and-tear. For the upcoming season, back-to-backs have been reduced to 14.4 per team, down from 16.3 last season, per USA Today.

"You know, these poor babies can't play back-to-back games", Barkley said. They're making $20-, $30-, $40 million a year. Also, teams will no longer play four games in five nights, thanks to the NBA's decision to start the season a week earlier. At $40 million a year, we can't stress 'em out. What makes it a more prominent topic in his eyes is that it's a complete change in thought process from when he played in the National Basketball Association where the thought of sitting out games wasn't discussed or implemented.

"The private jets and four-star hotels aren't enough". "You know they're only going to get to see you one time a year in some of these situations and you would think a guy was like, 'you know, they're only going to see me one time a year, I'm going to play in that city'".

"We flew commercial and we were able to play back-to-back". "I've [talked] with older guys who took trains to play three days in a row". The NBA caved in, instead of making them play back-to-back games.

He said "the notion" that today's players "want to rest is insane to me" and said players are being disrespectful to fans when they decide to sit out a game, especially when that game is the only time a team will visit a particular city.

". And it's sad, to be honest with you".

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