Forecast: Jose To Linger Offshore For Several Days

Rosselló told CNN that at least one person died in the storm when a board was ripped from the house it had been nailed to by the wind and hit a man. The governor said the number of casualties in some areas is unknown because it is hard to communicate. Maria was classified a Category 5 storm when it struck the eastern Caribbean island nation of Dominica on Monday night (18 September) with devastating force.

The truth is, right now, no one knows much at all. They plan to spend the night in Ohio before the U.S. military airlifts them to Puerto Rico.

"We're watching a be trough that's going to be charging in from the west and it will be a bit of a race between the storm drying close [on] Wednesday and the Thursday and that trough blowing it out to sea".

"If you are in a flood zone or wood house, your life is in danger", Puerto Rico's Governor Ricardo Rossello told residents as Maria approached. But nearly two days after Maria made landfall, an aerial survey showed that nearly every tree was touched - thousands snapped and strewn across the landscape - and the island was stripped of vegetation. People calling local radio stations reported that doors were being torn off their hinges and a water tank flew away. That's lower than Irma's U.S. landfall of 929 millibars in the Florida Keys earlier this year, as well 2005's Hurricane Katrina landfall of 920, which had been in third place.

EDWIN MELENDEZ: We the upcoming winter, we need to see what damage was caused to the infrastructure, how bad the hotels were hit and what kind of an occupancy they're going to experience - and then what kind of damage is being done to the crops. "Otherwise, you're going to die", said Hector Pesquera, the island's public safety commissioner.

Worse still, many homes dotting the island fall into what's called "informal construction" - built to no standard whatsoever. Maximum sustained winds are 140 mph (220 kph) and the storm is moving to the northwest at 12 mph (19 kph).

Gonzalez-Padilla and Garcia aren't letting the images of their island destroy their morale. She is originally from the island, but lived in the Hartford area for about 35 years, until she moved back to her native Puerto Rico five years ago. "Together, we will rebuild".

Forecasters warned Maria could even intensify over the next 24 hours or longer, noting its eye had shrunk to a compact 10 miles across and warning: "Maria is developing the dreaded pinhole eye". Dominica was still recovering from Tropical Storm Erika, which killed 30 people and destroyed more than 370 homes in August 2015. And so the roads get clogged, and a lot of the roads are only passable, you know, with one lane. About 90 percent of customers were without power and one tree fell on an ambulance. The island has yet to emerge from a decade-long recession, and unemployment stands at 11%.

Hurricane Maria expected to produce 20 to 25 inches of rainfall in Puerto Rico through Friday, according to NHC.

Hurricane Maria made landfall Wednesday morning in southeast Puerto Rico near the city of Yabucoa, the National Hurricane Center said.

The 2005 season had the most Category 5 hurricanes of any season on record with four total: Emily, Katrina, Rita and Wilma.

Michael Lowry, a task-force lead with the Federal Emergency Management Agency.

The prefect of the French island of Guadeloupe has raised the death toll stemming from Hurricane Maria from one to two people. St. Croix was largely spared by Irma.

Puerto Rico's electric utility already tweeted in the morning that sectors of the country were without service.

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