Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite to Host eSports Tournament In December

Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite to Host eSports Tournament In December

Marvel Vs. Capcom: Infinite to Host eSports Tournament In December

Capcom has announced an escorts tournament for Marvel vs Capcom: Infinite called "Battle for the Stones.' The competition will feature nine qualifiers and seven EVO champions, according to Capcom, to be joined by various tournaments leading up to the 'Battle for the Stones" Finals event to be held in Anaheim, California. At first glance, he can seem too overwhelming and will have you wondering if you'll ever be able to overcome this final boss.

With Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite being released yesterday, the opportunities are endless for gamers across the globe to find their place in the tournament. During the initial phase, try to stay as close to Ultron Omega as possible. The key thing you will need to keep in mind is that Ultron Omega has a bad poker face.

Also, keep in mind that hyper combos that grab won't do you any good. Do note that the fight against Ultron Omega is long and tedious but it is not impossible. The real problem here is that once Ultron Omega manages to deliver some damage, he delivers it in bulk. However, he telegraphs most of his attacks, allowing you to block them easily. You will need to destroy both of these drones as quickly as possible as you won't be able to continue your fight with Ultron Omega himself until these drones are out of the picture. Unleashing strings of attacks on Ultron Omega will also help build your meter quickly so take advantage of the time he spends in a defensive position. Deal with the Ultron Drone and get ready to face Ultron Omega again. It is during this phase when you should try your hands on some Hyper Combos.

Utilize all these tips while hitting Ultron Omega with a barrage of attacks whenever it's safe and you will manage to emerge successful on the other side of all the chaos.

Doing so will also provide you with a chance to break his Guard, leaving him vulnerable, and allowing you to deal a massive amount of damage. During the Drone Phase, he will summon one or two Ultron Drones who are not tough to beat.

This is all we have in our Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite Ultron Omega Boss Guide.

You probably want to see it for yourself at this point, so give the video a watch and let us know your theories in the comments section.

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