Google App for iOS Now Recommends Articles Based on User's Reading

It's under the AdWords Express umbrella and helps handymen and companies get listed and found through a Google search, but also lets them manage communications, quotes, and scheduling with their customers, while also receiving reviews for their work. You can also use your Android Pay credentials if it's the same card that's saved there anyway.

Optimized by the increasing popularity of Android-based smartphones, established Android ecosystem and improving users' familiarity with the platform, Google Play has become the largest app platform globally in terms of usage, according to James Sanders, Asia Pacific director of Google Play.

Google says that 'not all journeys have a destination' and sometimes you just want to read something and feel like reading more similar content. Suggestions can be pulled up from the bottom of the page, as visible in the image above.

Sanders made the remarks on the sidelines of Google's "Go Global" event held for the content/app developers of Google Play in conjunction with Tokyo Game Show (TGS) 2017.

You'll have to be part of the pilot program (which is only open in select cities in the US) to be able to use Home service ads, so the appeal and market is even more limited for it. Still, I would love to have this kind of service in Lebanon.

Maybe you're learning how to cross-stitch, reading up on medieval history, or just looking for good gift ideas-whatever the situation, this new feature makes it easy to explore and discover content while browsing the web.

If you use Google Search for in-depth reading, instead of just finding the answers to quick queries, this update is for you.

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