Instagram App Can Now Be Launched From Inside Facebook


Instagram App Can Now Be Launched From Inside Facebook

It wants to make it easier for its billion-plus users to access their Instagram profiles easily from within the main Facebook app. Instagram - and parent Facebook - has been relentlessly copying Snapchat's features, and it seems to be paying off when it comes to claiming new users.

Facebook owns Instagram, the most popular online photo sharing network.

Facebook is rolling out a new addition to the main navigation menu in its mobile app which will include a link to the user's Instagram account. According to TechCrunch, this new option appears right below the link to your personal profile in the Facebook app, and above your Facebook Page (s) being managed by you.

In August, 52 percent of new USA users signed up for Snapchat, compared to 48 percent for Instagram. In the U.S. for instance, the ephemeral app is being edged to the second spot by Snapchat-and though, that may not last for long, Instagram knows that it still has a lot to do to close the gap.

This move isn't reciprocal so there's isn't a new link in the Instagram app that takes people back to their Facebook profiles by launching the Facebook app.

A new report suggests that Instagram is closing in on its biggest rival, Snapchat-but that of course is in the US. The share represents a decline in Snapchat's new enrollment dominance in the USA, according to Jumpshot data that tracks clicks on new-user confirmation emails from both platforms (it does not count those who may have confirmed new accounts via text).

According to US-based marketing analytics company Jumpshot, 52 per cent of new US users signed up for Snapchat, compared to 48 per cent for Instagram in August. However, Jumpshot didn't take into account users who may have confirmed their new accounts via text.

Meanwhile, Snapchat represented 38.5 percent of new signups globally compared with Instagram's 61.5 percent in August. On the global front, Instagram has focused more on luring more users to its service, while Snapchat's main target has been that of the U.S. market.

Instagram in the last one year has been working very hard to ensure it not only gets to be the number one ephemeral app on the lips of users in the world, but also to overtake Snapchat as America's number one.

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