How world leaders reacted to Trump's United Nations speech

Israel's Netanyahu vows to fight 'Iranian curtain'

Israel's Netanyahu vows to fight 'Iranian curtain'

President Donald Trump said Wednesday he has "decided" how he is going to proceed on the Iran nuclear deal struck by the Obama administration that he has long derided.

In an interview with CNN's Chris Cuomo on "New Day", McMaster, who was speaking right before President Donald Trump announced that he plans to unveil new sanctions on North Korea, also said the United States has options in dealing with the rogue regime.

The Israeli leader drew a distinction between Iranians and their government, saying in Farsi to the Iranian people: "You are our friends".

Springmann warned that "seeing eye to eye with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu is at best insanity and at worse highly risky".

He further underlined that the U.S. will receive "much painful" response from Iran due to action, behavior, and decisions that Tehran would take in coming months. He said he thinks that Trump should apologize to the Iranians for the United Nations speech.

Tehran has, meanwhile, been praised for its support for anti-terrorism efforts by the governments in Damascus and Baghdad. "And then the incompleteness of the deal. which really could give the regime cover to advance a nuclear program".

KELEMEN: Not really. He said that Iran would - you know, he didn't say that Iran is going to ramp up its nuclear program or anything, but he seemed to indicate that's a possibility because he said Iran would have an open hand or a free hand.

Referring to the U.S. President's new edition of his "fire and fury" threat, Kimball said: "Trump likewise failed to appeal to the global community to better implement existing sanctions and to support efforts for a realistic, negotiated solution, instead recklessly threatening to destroy North Korea".

Iran inked the nuclear agreement deal with the US, China, Russia, France, Germany and the United Kingdom and is required to severely curb its nuclear activities in return for global sanctions relief. Iran's president, meanwhile, lashed out at "ignorant, absurd and hateful rhetoric" in response to Trump's blistering attack at the United Nations.

"France will try to convince President Trump of the pertinence of this choice (keeping the accord), even if work can be done to complement the accord after 2025", he said. "In doing so, the United States would discourage Iran and others-including Washington's EU3+3 partners-from supporting any US proposal for negotiations on a new agreement while simultaneously damaging the agreement in place", the experts say.

In any event, the U.S.

"There was no yelling and we didn't throw shoes at one another", he said.

Trump faces a deadline in October to notify Congress whether Iran is abiding by the accord. A year ago, such a get-together would have been considered routine as nations strove to implement an agreement that curtailed Iran's nuclear activity in exchange for an end to various oil, trade and financial restrictions on the country.

The rhetorical threats have anxious the other countries who are part of the agreement: Britain, China, France, Germany and Russian Federation.

Trump is expected to yet again extend the sanctions relief, a key principle of the deal that allows Iran to do business and keeps the United States in compliance with the agreement, CNN reported earlier this month.

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