Watch out for latest Facebook hoax which is already catching people out

Be careful who you add to your friends list

The hoax has done the rounds previously but is seemingly picking up serious traction this week

But Snopes and many other sources are refuting this.

The hoax claims that Facebook users can learn that they are being stalked by strangers if they go to their Facebook's "Blocked Users" page and type "following me" into the search bar.

A message being shared on the social media platform instructs users on how to find a list of strangers who aren't their Friends, but are following their activity. But this actually isn't true.

Facebook users are being duped into spreading the myth that a "hidden list" could expose your stalkers. It's random and has nothing to do with who is or isn't following you. Time to tighten up security on your Facebook profiles!"I just blocked about 20 foreign people from following my profile and I thought I was already locked down!"

The following button does, however, allow strangers to see public changes to your Facebook profile and messing around with the function is not advised. There is no secret list on Facebook beyond this. But it did address a almost identical rumor from earlier this year that claimed typing Facebook Security into the search box would bring up a list of secret people Facebook was paying to follow its users. "If you go to Account Settings Blocking Block Users and type in "following me", without the quotes, you may possibly see a bunch of people following you that you don't know Block each one and confirm!" That rumor, of course, was also false.

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