More Hindu mass graves in Myanmar

Malaysia to bring GMM initiative to UN

Malaysia disputes Cayetano's ASEAN chair statement on Rohingya

Santiago said some 500,000 Rohingya had fled Myanmar over the last few weeks, while thousands had been killed and tens of thousands displaced.

"Everyone knows that the Rohingya have no documents on them as they are not recognized as citizens of Myanmar".

"The Burmese military is brutally expelling the Rohingya from northern Rakhine State", said James Ross, legal and policy director at Human Rights Watch.

On Saturday, Anifah said in an address to the U.N. General Assembly that "horrifying crimes against humanity" were occurring in Rakhine, with "indiscriminate violence" being perpetrated against the Rohingya people.

"ASEAN is deeply concerned about the humanitarian situation in the northern Rakhine State, and since Malaysia has a different view on some matters, out of respect for its position, we decided that instead of a Foreign Ministers' Statement, we would issue a Chairman's Statement that would reflect the general sentiments of the other foreign ministers", it said.

"But global recognition that crimes against humanity are taking place should stir the United Nations and concerned governments to action".

A Security Council resolution would need nine votes in favour and no vetoes by Russia, China, the US, Britain and France.

The leader of burma and Nobel peace prize victor Aung San Suu Kyi is the subject of diplomatic pressure increased in the past few weeks on this issue.

The 1.1 million Rohingya in Buddhist majority Myanmar are denied citizenship and classified as illegal immigrants from Bangladesh, despite claiming roots in the region that go back centuries, with communities marginalized and occasionally subjected to communal violence. While looking at the history, one finds that Rohingyas are the world's most oppressed and persecuted minority.

For years, the United States and its Western allies imposed sanctions on Myanmar in support of Suu Kyi's campaign for democracy. In line with these remarks some responsible countries have taken measures such as suspending assistance programs to Myanmar and freezing military ties with the country, Siddiki added.

"However, Malaysia stands firmly in its belief that the Myanmar government must stop the violence and all kinds of destruction towards the Rohingya ethnic minority".

Suu Kyi has faced unprecedented criticism over the violence and calls for her Nobel prize to be withdrawn.

Vast swathes of the border region are now completely emptied of Muslims residents, with almost 40 percent of Rohingya villages abandoned in under a month.

"The discovery was announced on Monday on government-run social media accounts, a day after 28 Hindus, including several children, were recovered from another mass grave".

A Facebook spokeswoman told AFP late Wednesday it was not requested by the government to bar the Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA), which remains active on Twitter.

Rights groups have said they have found evidence of abuses by the insurgents, including the burning of some Buddhists' homes, but on a much smaller scale than abuses committed by the army and Buddhist vigilantes.

The military campaign has sent almost 430,000 refugees fleeing to Bangladesh, the group of seven United Nations officials said.

Zafar added that the Rohingya here are thankful to Malaysians and the Malaysian government for believing in their plight when so many other world leaders would not listen to them.

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