You Can Now Hack the SNES Classic to Add More Games

You Can Now Hack the SNES Classic to Add More Games

You Can Now Hack the SNES Classic to Add More Games

Well fear not, because one coder has gone beyond the call of duty to unlock hundreds of extra potential games with the help of the hakchi2 tool.

Hacked consoles also have the option to load new backgrounds to display while playing 4:3 games on a 16:9 television, since Nintendo only included a few of these (one pictured above).

The SNES Classic Mini is the 16-bit, retro version of the SNES, but it only comes with 21 games out of the box - we can assume that a lot of them involve moustached men in dungarees - and "Cluster" does not feel that this is enough. Even art boxes could be added, which would make the added titles look more official.

With the SNES Classic having been released for a long enough amount of time to be hacked to feature more games, it's time for Nintendo to sneakily work on their next cash grab classic game emulator. Just like its predecessor, the #NES Classic Edition, the new device brings back software from the Super Nintendo Entertainment System platform.

The current situation in the United Kingdom seems to be that the mini console is now out of stock at all retailers.

The success of both the SNES Classic Edition and the NES Classic Edition apparently took Nintendo by surprise, leading to widespread shortages, and subsequent criticism.

Not that you'd already be bored with the SNES Mini's current line-up.

So it might be worth checking out some of the other mini models coming to the market soon. The Super NES Classic that Nintendo released last month uses exactly the same SoC, with the same controller outputs and the same ports.

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