The New Star Wars Brought Us Porgs, and You Can't Escape Them

Action star Rey really gets into it as she pirouettes with her powerful weapon

Action star Rey really gets into it as she pirouettes with her powerful weapon

However, especially this year, it's nice to take a break for a minute or two, to allow ourselves a bit of fun.

Yeah, the new sidekicks/creatures look well suited to slot in with fan faves BB8, R2-D2 and Chewie. Before the final Last Jedi trailer dropped during the halftime of last night's Monday Night Football, the debate had already kicked up: Should people even watch the trailer?

A photo of Gary, Carrie Fisher's beloved French bulldog, was posted to his official Instagram account on Monday, and, guys, we're warning you - it's going to make you whimper.

Not only that, Hamill also hinted at an interesting through line involving the trinity of Original Trilogy returnees, with Han Solo being front and centre of Star Wars: The Force Awakens, Luke taking a starring role in Star Wars: The Last Jedi, and Leia getting the spotlight in Star Wars 9. He was much more to her than just a pet.

It is a bombastic and dizzying watch.

The new trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi brings with it plenty of doom and gloom, perhaps signaling a sequel in which the Dark Side emerges victorious one again.

There are easy downsides to this, yes.

Porgs are pint-sized bird-like animals that, according to Lucasfilm's Pablo Hidalgo, are "the Star Wars version of puffins". To recap, though: What are the Porgs? Writing on Twitter, he said, "If you want to come in clean, absolutely avoid it", which would be sound advice were it not for the fact that he was dangling the apple before our eyes, like the serpent in the Garden of Eden by adding, "but it's gooooood".

The new cutest creatures in Star Wars are currently more popular than Star Wars itself. It could be his inner-monologue, but as we later see, Kylo may be attempting to convince Rey to join him.

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