Yelp for iOS updated with in-app support for Apple Pay checkout

Yelp for iOS updated with in-app support for Apple Pay checkout

Yelp for iOS updated with in-app support for Apple Pay checkout

Today we're learning that "Apple has reportedly started working on a foldable iPhone with LG Display, not Samsung Display - the sole OLED supplier - possibly due to concerns over tech leaks to its archrival Samsung Electronics".

Apple's much-awaited iPhone X release is now just a few of weeks away, with the top-of-the-line premium flagship smartphone set to hit the United States shelves as well as global marketplaces on November 3rd after the company opens preorders on October 27th.

Since there's no mention of performance or batter-related fixes, it's likely that these issues will have to wait for iOS 11.1, which is currently available for beta testers.

Apple released iOS 11 on September 19th. The stock is still up about 34% year-to-date as of this writing vs. the S&P 500's more modest 13% climb. In the year-ago period, Apple reported revenue of $46.9 billion and gross margin of 38%.

First of all, if you have a presumption that I do not like the iPhone, you are wrong. To be honest, that is really expensive for an iPhone.

The Piper Jaffray analyst said the results of his firm's survey on Apple mindshare make him even more optimistic on Apple stock. Apple sold 211.9 million iPhones in 2016, a drop from the 231.2 million units it sold in 2015. Further, 14% of non-iPhone users plan to switch, versus 12% previously. It offers iPhone, iPad, iMessage, and Apple Watch applications so you can access it from any of your Apple devices. Supposedly, 20% of those planning to buy a new iPhone intend to buy an iPhone X, while 23% want an iPhone 8 and 16% intend to buy the iPhone 8 Plus.

The most common phishing attacks are usually deployed via e-mail and are designed to trick the victim into clicking a malware-infected link or giving up their details which can be used to burrow into their digital life. He feels that the Trump administration's policy changes could be a major stepping stone to helping Apple stock push the company toward a $1 trillion valuation.

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