Europe will not recognize independent Catalonia — European Parliament president

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Europe will not recognize independent Catalonia — European Parliament president

Jason Porter is business development director at Blevins Franks, an advisory and wealth-management firm that works with British expats across Europe, with an office in the region, in Girona.

Spain's government says it would be willing to hold off on doing that if the Catalan government were to call a snap regional election.

If Puigdemont confirms he has declared independence, or if his response is deemed unclear or unsatisfactory, Rajoy will invoke Article 155 of the Spanish constitution, which would allow the government to suspend Catalonia's autonomy and rule the regional directly from the capital.

At the time of writing, October 12, Spain is celebrating the Fiesta Nacional de España-the anniversary of the day on which Christopher Columbus finally found land in a scurvy-addled state after having lied about being able to read maps. The Catalan parliament has been trying to stall by sending various members to juggle while riding a unicycle; in the meantime, a group of Political Science majors from the University of Barcelona are busy trying to write a constitution in a dungeon under Camp Nou.

"He (Macron) has complete confidence in Rajoy to resolve the situation", a French diplomat told Reuters.

Rajoy waved to waiting journalists but remained silent as he arrived at the summit building, where he was greeted with a bear hug by European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker.

This would result in revocation of Catalonia's limited autonomy and Madrid seizing control of its regional government functions, which many have feared will reignite the civil unrest seen during the recent referendum.

The statement said: "The Spanish government will continue with the procedures foreseen by article 155 of the Constitution to restore legality in the self-government of Catalonia".

A Catalan separatist flag and the Spanish flag hanging from balconies in Barcelona.

The region's leader Carles Puigdemont told a meeting of his party on Wednesday that not only he would not back down but that he would press ahead with a more formal declaration of independence if Spanish Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy suspends Catalonia's political autonomy, a Catalan government source reported.

Get up to 5% more foreign exchange by using a specialist provider by getting closer to the real market rate and avoid the gaping spreads charged by your bank for international payments. Ninety percent of voters chose to leave Spain. But a Catalan official has ruled that out. "That is suicidal, and somebody should explain it to the Spanish government".

The Spanish government, which has refused to negotiate with Catalonia over its independence, views the referendum as unconstitutional. The Cabinet will convene on Saturday and is expected to vote for returning full control of the region to Madrid.

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