EU says Hariri must return to Lebanon, warns against Saudi interference

Missile targeting main Saudi airport was Iranian – US Air Force

King Khalid International Airport

Saying that Iran continues to support the trend of peace and development in the Arab country, he described Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri's recent resignation as an "unexpected and suspicious" move.

"Lowcock and calls for full and unrestrained access to be restored immediately, to avoid Yemen suffering the largest famine in decades", Stylianides said.

In an exclusive interview from Riyadh with his party's Future TV, Hariri brushed aside rumors that he was under de facto house arrest in Saudi Arabia and hinted he could rescind his resignation if Hezbollah stopped getting involved in other conflicts outside of Lebanon.

In an interview with a television station that he owns, the Saudi-allied Hariri, Lebanon's most influential Sunni Muslim politician, gave his first public comments since he read out his resignation on television from Riyadh eight days ago.

Then, when an earthquake was reported in Iraq and Iran, she referenced it, telling Hariri it was to make sure people believed the interview was live.

Many authorities in Lebanon have insisted on the return of Hariri from Saudi Arabia.

It has also stoked fears of an escalation in the regional divide between Iran and the Gulf states, primarily Saudi Arabia, with Lebanon on the front lines.

"The aim of this interview really is to try and convince the majority of the Lebanese that he is not a hostage, that he has the freedom of movement and that the Saudis are not dictating to him what to say or what to do".

"I am freely in the Kingdom, and if I want to travel tomorrow, I will travel".

El-Rai told reporters at Beirut's international airport that Hariri's return would restore normalcy in Lebanon.

"The EU urges the coalition to ensure the immediate resumption of the UN's flights and activities in the ports of Hodeida and Saleef and the opening of land borders for humanitarian relief and basic commercial commodities".

A statement released by Aoun's office later said that the national and diplomatic campaign in the country over the past days demanding Hariri's return "has produced positive results".

Speaking in Beirut, Nasrallah said he was sure Hariri was forced to resign as part of what he called Saudi Arabia's policy of stoking sectarian tensions in Lebanon.

"We are in the eye of the storm", he said.

Aoun made the remarks in a meeting with foreign ambassadors in the capital Beirut, a senior unnamed Lebanese official said on Saturday.

Asked why Hariri was wearing the same suit for three days, he said: "I said I'm not responsible for his closet".

Geekie said no aid had gone into Aden yet and the reopening of the Wadea crossing did not affect UN operations.

The EU's commissioner for humanitarian aid and crisis management, said that more steps were needed.

"There can be no alternative for all these ports being fully functional and receiving commercial and humanitarian cargo", Geekie said.

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