Senior al-Qaeda leader killed in Afghanistan

Omar bin Khetab was killed in the Gilan district in Afghanistans Ghazni province

Omar bin Khetab was killed in the Gilan district in Afghanistan's Ghazni province

Kabul, Dec 5 A senior Al-Qaeda leader on the Indian subcontinent and the head of the Taliban's "special forces" in southern Helmand have been killed in recent days in Afghanistan, Afghan and US forces said today.

The senior Al-Qaeda leader, gunned down during the joint operation, has been identified as Omar Khetab, who was also famous as Omar Mansoor, reported Khaama Press, citing Afghan's Intelligence agency National Directorate of Security (NDS), as saying. "It is also another example of the lethality of the undefeated Afghan Special Forces and the success of working side by side with our Afghan partners".

It is not one I took lightly and it was a difficult decision that was guided by Sherpa Capital's abiding belief in service and putting others before ourselves.

In October last year, two al-Qaida key leaders named Faruq al-Qatani and Bilal were killed after the coalition forces' conducted an airstrike based on a NDS tip off in eastern Kunar province. He was also "directly responsible" for coordinating operations and resupply of munitions, explosives and materials for the Taliban throughout Helmand province, where the Taliban cultivates poppy and produces opium, the release added.

According to the spokesman, "Wali and his 'Red Unit' are responsible for planning numerous suicide bombings, IED attacks, and coordinated assaults against civilians, Afghan and coalition forces". "The entire international community agrees Afghanistan deserves security and lasting peace".

"Mullah Shah Wali's death will disrupt the Taliban network, degrade their narcotics trafficking, and hinder their ability to conduct attacks against Afghan forces", Nicholson said. The Taliban harbored al-Qaida prior to the Sept. 11 attacks when the Taliban ruled Afghanistan.

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