Donald Trump claims he is a 'very stable genius'


Trump Lashes Out at Media Book Frenzy; Author Stands by 'Absolutely Everything'

"That's the background to the perception and the understanding that will finally end. this presidency". And it wasn't just Bannon. "Thank you, Mr President".

In addition, Wolff says in the book that the president's relationship with his youngest son, Barron, 11, is distant, claiming "an absentee father for his first four children, Trump was even more absent for his fifth, Barron".

Firing back on his depiction, Trump tweeted that he was "a very stable genius".

Trump also drew a parallel between himself and the popular former president Ronald Reagan, who was diagnosed with Alzheimer΄s disease in 1994, six years after leaving power.

White House press secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders continued to criticize the book on Friday. He said he spent about three total hours talking with the president. The first lady's tears on election night weren't tears of joy and when a former Trump campaign advisor tried to explain the constitution to the candidate, he got bored after the Fourth Amendment. "I have that on almost unassailable authority". White House staffers have told reports that in the past.

"With Trump's people trying to put a stop on it, that kind of made me more interested in it. And if Trump didn't want me to spend money on it, then I might as well come and do that". Mr Trump has promised to address the situation, but his "opioid czar" Kellyanne Conway does not appear to be at Camp David.

"Lawmakers were saying they have been very concerned about this, the President's dangerousness, the dangers that his mental instability poses on the nation.They know the concern is universal among Democrats, but it really depends on Republicans, they said". The book, dismissed by Trump as full of lies, depicts a chaotic White House, a president who was ill-prepared to win the office in 2016, and Trump aides who scorned his abilities.

It was a best seller on day one - with some buying in bulk!

Please note: This is a commentary piece. He said he has recordings and notes of his interviews.

Trump responded by tweeting: "I authorized Zero access to White House (actually turned him down many times) for author of phony book!"

Trump and the White House slammed Wolff over his book after excerpts of it were released this week, painting an unflattering view of his administration.

The book's publishers are calling it an extraordinary contribution to national discourse. He never did. He was repeatedly denied that.

Wolff said Friday he had spoken to Trump since the inauguration.

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