Liverpool to use Coutinho money to keep Firmino for life

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Of course, as we saw with that other guy, long-term contracts mean very little these days.

Liverpool do not believe the sale of vital players will become the norm under Klopp, as it did for him when he was Borussia Dortmund manager. Coutinho wanted nothing different, he etched for this move.

In my view, and many others', Torres downed tools before he left Liverpool.

Following the £140m signing of Coutinho, Barcelona are reportedly keen to offload a number of players to raise funds for a potential summer spending spree. Talk about a slap in the face.

Naby Keita's hopes of joining Liverpool early have been dealt a fresh boost.

"That is what makes us strong". He wants to leave a good impression.

Without a doubt, there will be another 'Coutinho' out there, a player available for a small fee that turns out to be worth millions, but in today's crazy and competitive market, it'd be a surprise for Klopp to go down that road.

Not only has Murphy quite obviously never seen Keita play, it sounds like he's never seen Graeme Souness or Javier Mascherano play either.

The second most expensive transfer in football history, that of Philippe Coutinho from Liverpool to Barcelona, almost had a twist in the tale.

Hopefully they can get somebody in - the sooner the better.

Theo Walcott Arsenal t shirt
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He was gutted in the summer that RB Leipzig delayed the transfer for a year.

Coutinho's fee is surpassed only by deals negotiated in August by Paris Saint-Germain for Neymar and Kylian Mbappe. We are not going to discuss the numbers.

I know how Virgil van Dijk feels.

It was great to see him in red, and I thought he looked the business.

Arsenal have place a £30m price tag on Theo Walcott with both Everton and Southampton interested.

I personally can't wait until Sunday, when Manchester City come to town.

The problem, as ever, lies with Sky Sports and their staunch commitment to noise over nous.

"All the type of things you need, especially at the back because at the back you see the whole game".

To be the first team to beat them in the league, that's a big incentive.

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